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Missoula Farmers Market

Summer is in the air and Missoulians are ready for some warmer weather. If there’s one thing that bookends winter in Western Montana, it is the start of Missoula’s various Farmer’s Markets. The bulk of the action takes place at the very North end of Higgins Avenue near the “XXX’s” (a local piece of artwork – that plays homage to the railroad that resides just to the north). But…the Clark Fork River Market is found just under the Higgins Street Bridge, right on the Clark Fork River and the Carousel Market is found just to the west of this location near the Carousel For Missoula (the hottest spot for kids and parents alike).

Since there are more choices than ever this year, it seemed like there was a need for a rundown of specifics:

Missoula Farmers Market

8:30 am – 12:00 noon, Each Saturday, May 1nd to October 23th
5:45 pm to 7:15 pm Tuesday evenings, July 7th – August 25th.

This is the original…and mostly consists of foods and local produce/flowers. You can complete all of your weekly shopping every Saturday morning and feel great about supporting local farmers and agriculture. Ride your bike or walk and you’ll feel much better about yourself…plus you won’t have to find a place to park. Downtown Missoula is a zoo on Saturday mornings in the summer.

Missoula Saturday Market

9 am – 1 pm, Each Saturday, May 1 to October 23rd.

Sometimes called the “People’s Market”, this gathering of arts/crafts/goods/foods is jam packed with eye-candy. Browse around the multitude of many hand-made works from local artists. Maybe you’ve even got something you create that could be packaged up and sold?

Clark Fork River Market

9 am – 1pm, Each Saturday, May 1st through October 23rd

Still relatively new, this market is a mixture of foods, produce, flowers, goods, coffee, treats and some absolutely amazing breakfast sandwiches. Well, that was the case in 2009, fingers crossed for 2010.

A Carousel For Missoula – Sunday Market

1 pm – 5 pm, Each Sunday, May 9th through October 17th, 2010

Missoula’s newest addition to the Market family making it possible to stretch out your weekend mingling all the way into Sunday…all summer long!


With all of this activity going on downtown, you’re going to need a place to kick back and relax! Why not consider staying here at the Wilma Condo? That way you’ll only have to cart your groceries a block or so and you can gaze out the top-floor window at all of the action happening below! Bring on the sun…it’s almost summer!