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Missoula Homecoming

Each year thousands of people descend upon Missoula for activities related to the University of Montana’s Homecoming Weekend. Its a great time to be in Missoula and an even better time to be staying downtown. Imagine sitting in front of any of the 3 large windows and looking out at the Parade from 8 stories above! Plus, you can still enjoy the Farmer’s Market, grab a bite to eat and then stroll along the river to the BIG GAME in Washington/Grizzly Stadium later that day.

Due to the high demand for this weekend, a 3 night reservation is required, but this makes it all the more worthwhile to come and enjoy the fall in Missoula at the same time. The fly fishing is great and the days are still quite warm.

Consider staying at the Wilma Condo one of these years on your annual pilgrimage back to Missoula and you’ll never want to stay anywhere else when you visit! The location is more convenient than any other downtown lodging option and the price is exactly the same.

Be sure to contact us with any questions or for more information on making a short-term or vacation rental reservation in Missoula for another time of the year.